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Nissan Sentra Dashboard Symbols

Dashboard warning lights


If you’re like many Newark drivers, then you’ve probably seen some symbols flash on your Nissan Sentra dashboard and had no idea what they mean. Luckily, the service team at Hudson Nissan is here to show you what your Nissan Sentra warning lights and other symbols mean, so you can know what to do when the appropriate symbol flashes. Check out what your Nissan Sentra dashboard symbols indicate, and then visit our dealership to get the service you need. 

Nissan Sentra Dashboard Symbols by Color

Before we take a look at the symbols that flash on your Nissan Sentra, let’s break down what the different colors indicate. The symbols on your Nissan Sentra dashboard will show up in three different colors: red, yellow, or green. Here is what each color represents: 

  • Red: Needs immediate attention or service
  • Yellow: System is in use or needs attention
  • Green: System is in use. 

Nissan Sentra Indicator Lights & Meanings

Your Nissan Sentra dashboard symbols aren’t all indicators that your vehicle needs service. Sometimes, lights come on to indicate that a system is being used or is turned on. If you see the following symbols while on your Staten Island commute, don’t be alarmed. They’ll usually appear in either yellow or green, and here’s what they mean: 

  • Overdrive OFF Light: Overdrive system is off if it’s equipped. 
  • Security Light: Security system is working or needs attention. 
  • Side Light & Headlight Indicator: Headlights or side lights are on. 
  • Slip Light: Indicates that road conditions are slippery or dangerous. 
  • Turn Signal/Hazard Lights: Turning signal or hazard lights are on. 
  • VDC OFF Light: Vehicle Dynamic Control is off. 
  • Front Fog Light: Front fog light is on if equipped. 
  • Front Passenger Air Bag Light: Airbag system is enabled. 
  • High Beam Light: High beam system is on. 
  • Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL): Also known as the check engine light and means that your engine needs diagnosed. 

Nissan Sentra Warning Symbols & Meanings

If a symbol shows up on your dashboard in either yellow or red, then it’s important to have this issue looked into immediately, especially if the symbol is in red. Here are some common Nissan Sentra warning symbols and their respective meanings: 

  • Power Steering Light: Power steering needs attention. 
  • Seatbelt Light: Seat belt or seat belts need to be strapped in. 
  • Air Bag Light: Air bag system needs attention. 
  • ABS Light: Anti-lock braking system needs attention. 
  • Brake Light: Brakes or brake system needs attention. 
  • Battery Light: Battery needs serviced or changed. 
  • FEB Light: Forward Emergency Braking system needs attention. 
  • Tire Pressure Light: Tires have low air pressure. 
  • Master Warning Light: Something needs attention in your vehicle. 

If you see any of these warning lights while on the Bayonne roads, then schedule service at Hudson Nissan immediately. 

Service Your Nissan Sentra at Hudson Nissan

Now that you know what your Nissan Sentra dashboard symbols mean, contact us to get your vehicle serviced and back out on the Jersey City roads in no time.

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