Your Nissan Lease Return Center

We accept lease returns during normal sales hours. Please wipe down and sanitize your vehicle before bringing it in and we would be happy to help you!

Looking for a replacement vehicle?

Your End of Lease Options:

There are 3 options for you to consider:

1. Replace your lease with a new Nissan lease or purchase and take advantage of Loyalty Offers.
2. Return your lease vehicle to your Nissan Dealer.
3. Purchase your lease vehicle.  When you are ready to purchase, view the home page for current payoff details.

Follow these 4 steps for an easy Lease Return!

Scheduled Maintenance

1. Ensure your Scheduled Maintenance is complete

If you want to avoid possible charges, make sure your maintenance is up to date! Ensure any service lights on your car are taken care of before bringing your vehicle in. You can leave the outside of your car as is, but please ensure that the inside has been cleaned as much as possible

Check Mileage

2. Check your mileage

Whether you are over or under your allotted mileage, make note.


3. Have all sets of keys and original equipment with you when you bring your car back.

All sets of keys, owner’s manuals, boot covers, etc need to come back with the vehicle being dropped off. If all of these items are not returned, we may need to deduct this amount from your lease return. This is to ensure the next driver has all the right equipment needed.

Pre Inspection

4. Complete a Nissan Lease Return Pre-Inspection on Your Lease

Check your vehicle for any additional damages that could cost you some money. The Nissan lease return inspection takes around 30 minutes to complete and can be done at our dealership. If you discover any excess wear, we can help you repair your vehicle before returning it.  If you have any questions about inspecting for damage refer to our Nissan return policy.

Nissan Lease Return Center

Is it time for your Nissan lease return? Have you asked yourself, “How do I return my leased car?” Hudson Nissan in Jersey City has the answers to guide you during this process! When returning a leased car to Hudson Nissan, you have three options: you can replace the lease with a new Nissan vehicle to lease or purchase, you can simply return the vehicle to the dealer, or you can purchase your Nissan vehicle outright. If you choose to return or replace your vehicle, you will be responsible for scheduling a Nissan lease return inspection before you can hand off your keys. Learn more about performing your Nissan lease return near Newark below.

Replace Your Nissan

If you are done with your current leased vehicle but want to stay in the Nissan family, replacing your lease with a new Nissan to lease or purchase may be the right choice for you. First, it’s a good idea to ensure that all your routine maintenance is up to date. It’s important to ensure that your vehicle is running smoothly, that there is no excessive wear-and-tear, and that the vehicle’s interior is as clean as possible. It’s a good idea to make note of your current mileage on your return as well, and to make sure that all parts, accessories, and the owner’s manual are within your vehicle upon its return to the dealership. Our service department will perform a complimentary but mandatory Nissan lease return inspection to ensure everything looks good. Then comes the fun part: browsing our new vehicle inventory to find your next dream car to drive around Bayonne!

Return Your Nissan

So how do you return your leased car? If you decide against keeping or exchanging your leased vehicle, you can simply return it once your lease is up. The process for the return is similar to exchanging your lease for another car. Make sure that you schedule your Nissan lease return inspection, determine if you want to make repairs or not, and then make an appointment with us for your Nissan lease return. When you return it, make sure that the owner’s manual and all parts and accessories are returned with the vehicle, and ensure that all personal belongings are removed from the car.

Purchase Your Nissan

If you’ve grown attached to your Nissan lease and can’t bear to let it go, we understand! That’s why we provide you with the option to purchase your leased Nissan. By doing this, you can avoid charges for going over your allotted mileage and excess wear-and-tear. You may have to pay additional sales tax, vehicle registration, or other fees. If this sounds confusing to you or you want to take advantage of any possible payoff deals, our finance team is happy to help!

Learn More at Hudson Nissan

If you’re still unsure about what choice to make regarding your Nissan lease return, contact us and we can help. Whether you’re still asking yourself, “How do I return my leased car?” or you don’t know how to apply for financing, Hudson Nissan is here to assist with every concern Hillside drivers may have. Don’t hesitate to browse our new and used inventories to find your next Nissan vehicle today!

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