How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

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Nissan oil change frequency guidelines suggest that you should schedule service at least once every 5,000 miles, or roughly twice per year. But how often should you change your oil if you only use synthetic oil? How long can you go without an oil change if you only take your Nissan out on occasion? Hudson Nissan is your source for service in Jersey City, and we’ve answered all these questions and more, below.


Recommended Oil Change Frequency: FAQs

Regular oil changes are crucial if you want to maintain your engine in the long term, and they’re required for any driver who has chosen to lease a new vehicle. Here’s what you should know about recommended oil change frequencies:

  • Check Your Manual: Your model may have a unique recommended oil change frequency. It’s always a good idea to reference your owner’s manual before you schedule service.
  • Conventional vs. Synthetic Oil: Although synthetic oil can last longer than conventional oil in some cases, we think it’s best to play it safe and get your oil changed on schedule.
  • Heavy Lifting & Performance Driving: If you’ve been pulling out all the stops on local racetracks, or towing a boat or camper every weekend, consider scheduling more frequent oil changes to counteract the higher rates of wear and tear.
  • Infrequent Driving: If you have a Nissan that you only take out on occasion, you should still get the oil changed at least once per year. That’s because oil can break down over time, even if it isn’t being used.

Nissan oil changes should be performed exclusively with genuine conventional motor oil, genuine full synthetic motor oil, or Mobil 1™ advanced full synthetic motor oil. All three options can be found at our parts department if you’d like to perform your next oil change at home in Jersey City or Hillside. Don’t forget: you’ll also need to replace the oil filter.

Why Are Regular Oil Changes So Important?

Motor oil is the lifeblood of your engine. If you don’t have enough clean, fresh oil coursing through your engine system, you risk causing major damage–or even irreparable damage–to your vehicle. For more car-care tips like how long tires last, visit Hudson Nissan. Here’s why:

  • Motor oil distributes heat away from your engine’s sensitive components. These can get damaged if you let your oil get too dirty.
  • When your oil can’t redistribute heat, certain parts of your engine are at risk of breaking down and fusing together.
  • Motor oil also lubricates your engine, so having enough clean oil is going to limit your wear and tear.
  • If you drive with dirty oil, grime and other deposits will build up in your engine more quickly. Frequent oil changes keep your engine running clean.

Regular oil changes are one important part of your maintenance schedule, but you should also be checking your oil levels at home in Newark or Bayonne. Do so at least once per month to catch leaks before they cause major damage to your vehicle. For more tips like how often to replace cabin air filters, rely on the experts at Hudson Nissan.” Bold text is anchor text.

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